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COVID-19 news September 19th 5:30am Prominence is in Stage 2 of relaunch

Guidance and plans for students to start the 2020-21 school year. Find critical detailed updates K to 12 school re-entry

New COVID-19 coronavirus updates for Prominence Schools, Students, classes

Update COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

Teachers and other school staff will still be expected work, either from home or at their workplace. Decisions on how to do this are still to be made, and may vary depending on the school jurisdiction.

School authorities are expected to continue their regular day-to-day operations and ensure the safety of school facilities. Maintenance, capital projects, cleaning of facilities, and administrative work will continue.

•Every student will receive a final mark and students will progress to their next grade level next school year.
•Provincial assessments, such as provincial achievement tests, will be cancelled.
•At this time, diploma exams essential for post-secondary acceptance will continue.
•Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate.
•All licensed childcare facilities, out-of-school programs and preschool programs in Alberta are closed at this time.

•Approved day homes are exempt as they care for fewer than 7 children at a time, but should use enhanced sanitation practices.

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Saturday September 19, 2:00PM - 4:30PM

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See a list of Prominence schools by area or look Schools profile details for a list of schools for each ward Prominence after schools programs, great children and youth schools and parks. Research Operating Budget for 2020 For a list of our administrative offices and central services please use our CBE Directory. Prominence is located surrounding Prominence after schools programs, great children and youth schools and parks. Research Prominence Transit schedules and maps combined with excellent education opportunities that are available.

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Calgary Board of Education
The Calgary Board of Education, as a public education system, ensures that quality learning is accessible to all its students. The system supports, nurtures and connects the work of teachers, parents and communities. Complete with an Interactive School Map.

Calgary Catholic School Board
The Calgary Catholic School District is the largest Catholic school district in Alberta, serving 44,000 students in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere and the Municipal District of Rocky View. This learning organization educates and empowers students from kindergarten to Grade 12 to reach their full potential, meet life's challenges, serve their community, and journey in faith.

Calgary Public Library
Where our city´s heritage comes alive in more than 20,000 books, pamphlets, directories, catalogues, school yearbooks, maps, clippings files and magazines. Each page tells a story of real places and people in Calgary and Alberta.

DeVry Calgary
DeVry Institute of Technology Located in Calgary, Alberta. Technological Studies and Industries.

Public School Boards'Association of Alberta
The PSBAA is a voluntary non-profit society representing public school boards throughout Alberta.

Since 1989, the PSBAA has concentrated completely on being an effective advocate for public school education in Alberta.

Mount Royal College
Every year, thousands of highly qualified students choose Mount Royal College as the launching pad for their futures. Their reasons for choosing us are as many and diverse as our student population.

But our research shows they like several important features of a Mount Royal Education.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Here at SAIT, our approach to your future is practical. By combining classroom theory and hands-on experience, our students learn to achieve results in the real world. Practicums, industry mentors, work-simulated labs, and relevant instruction are only a few examples of how we prepare you for employment.

University of Calgary
The University of Calgary is a research and teaching university of growing national and international stature. According to the Canadian Association of University Business Officers, the U of C is the most research-intensive university in Alberta and among the top 10 in Canada. Research funding exceeds $64 million per year.

Calgary Secondary Schools

Calgary is the site of five major public post-secondary institutions. The University of Calgary is Calgary's primary large degree-granting facility. 28,807 students were enrolled there in 2006. Mount Royal College is one of the city's largest post-secondary institutions with 13,000 students, granting degrees in a number of fields. With over 14,000 full-time students, SAIT Polytechnic provides polytechnic and apprentice education, granting certificates, diplomas and applied degrees. The Main Campus is in the Northwest quadrant, just north of downtown. Bow Valley College's main campus is located downtown and provides training in business, technology, and the liberal arts for about 10,000 students (the college has three campuses in Calgary and numerous in the region).The Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) is located in Calgary.

Search Area Schools
Arbour Lake School Phone 403-777-7310
Belvedere Parkway School Phone 403-777-6010
Bowcroft School Phone 403-777-6020
Bowness High School Phone 403-286-5092
Brentwood School Phone 403-777-6130
Captain John Palliser School Phone 403-777-6170
Christine Meikle School Phone 403-817-3524
Citadel Park School Phone 403-777-8063
Dr. E.W. Coffin School Phone 403-777-6190
Dr. Gordon Townsend School Phone 403-955-7004
Edgemont School Phone 403-777-6340
Eric Harvie School Phone 403-817-3532
F.E. Osborne School Phone 403-777-7540
H.D. Cartwright School Phone 403-777-7420
The Hamptons School Phone 403-777-7300
Hawkwood School Phone 403-777-6410
Marion Carson School Phone 403-777-6050
National Sport School Phone 403-777-7329
Ranchlands School Phone 403-777-6350
Robert Thirsk High School Phone 403-817-3400
Royal Oak School Phone 403-777-6279
Scenic Acres School Phone 403-777-6193
Silver Springs School Phone 403-777-6070
Simon Fraser School Phone 403-777-7290
Sir Winston Churchill High School Phone 403-289-9241
Terrace Road School Phone 403-777-6080
Thomas B. Riley School Phone 403-777-7260
Tom Baines School Phone 403-777-7190
Tuscany School Phone 403-777-8060
Twelve Mile Coulee School Phone 403-817-3390
West Dalhousie School Phone 403-777-6110
West View School Phone 403-662-3547
William D. Pratt School Phone 403-817-3520
Wood's Homes School Phone 403-270-1751
Young Adult Program Phone 403-270-1751
Alex Munro School Phone 403-777-6600
Balmoral School Phone 403-777-7330
Banff Trail School Phone 403-777-6120
Beddington Heights School Phone 403-777-6610
Branton School Phone 403-777-7440
Buchanan School Phone 403-777-6260
Buffalo Rubbing Stone School Phone 403-817-3536
Cambrian Heights School Phone 403-777-6150
Capitol Hill School Phone 403-777-6160
Captain Nichola Goddard School Phone 403-817-3300
Catherine Nichols Gunn School Phone 403-777-6620
Children's Village School Phone 403-777-6114
Collingwood School Phone 403-777-6180
Colonel Irvine School Phone 403-777-7280
Colonel Sanders-TLC Phone 403-777-6034
Dalhousie School Phone 403-777-6030
Dr. J.K. Mulloy School Phone 403-777-6640
Georges P. Vanier School Phone 403-777-7460
Highwood School Phone 403-777-6200
Huntington Hills School Phone 403-777-6650
James Fowler High School Phone 403-230-4743
John G. Diefenbaker High School Phone 403-274-2240
Kenneth D. Taylor School Phone 403-817-3504
King George School Phone 403-777-6210
North Haven School Phone 403-777-6220
Panorama Hills School Phone 403-777-6061
Senator Patrick Burns School Phone 403-777-7400
Sir John A. Macdonald School Phone 403-777-7670
Sir John Franklin School Phone 403-777-7610
Thorncliffe School Phone 403-777-6670
Varsity Acres School Phone 403-777-6090
W.O. Mitchell School Phone 403-777-6100
William Aberhart High School Phone 403-289-2551
​Area 3 Contact Information:
Forest Lawn High School​ t | 403-777-6820
Schools:​ Abbeydale School Phone 403-777-6970
Belfast School Phone 403-777-6250
Cappy Smart School Phone 403-777-8110
Colonel Macleod School Phone 403-777-7500
Coventry Hills School Phone 403-777-6025
Crescent Heights High School Phone 403-276-5521
Discovering Choices Phone 403-268-3265
Discovering Choices II Phone 403-777-8384
Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School Phone 403-777-7780
Erin Woods School Phone 403-777-8140
Ernest Morrow School Phone 403-777-7800
Forest Lawn High School Phone 403-272-6665
G.W. Skene School Phone 403-777-8150
Hidden Valley School Phone 403-777-7236
Ian Bazalgette School Phone 403-777-7360
Jack James High School Phone 403-248-4054
James Short Memorial School Phone 403-777-8170
Keeler School Phone 403-777-8180
Langevin School Phone 403-777-7350
Mount View School Phone 403-777-6300
Niitsitapi Learning Centre Phone 403-817-3404
Nose Creek School Phone 403-817-3360
Patrick Airlie School Phone 403-777-8220
Penbrooke Meadows School Phone 403-777-8230
Piitoayis Family School Phone 403-777-7860
Radisson Park School Phone 403-777-8070
Roland Michener School Phone 403-777-8240
Rosedale School Phone 403-777-7530
Rosemont School Phone 403-777-6230
Stanley Jones School Phone 403-777-6800
START Outreach Phone 403-777-6107
Sunnyside School Phone 403-777-6390
Valley Creek School Phone 403-777-7995
Valley View School Phone 403-777-8250
Vista Heights School Phone 403-777-6000
West Dover School Phone 403-777-8260
Westbrook Outreach Phone 403-777-8020
​Area 4 Contact Information:
Marlborough Centre t | 403-777-6233
Annie Foote School Phone 403-777-6680
Annie Gale School Phone 403-777-7680
Bob Edwards School Phone 403-777-7770
Cecil Swanson School Phone 403-777-6690
Chief Justice Milvain School Phone 403-777-6700
Chris Akkerman School Phone 403-777-8120
Clarence Sansom School Phone 403-777-7700
Colonel J. Fred Scott School Phone 403-777-6710
Crossing Park School Phone 403-777-7195
Douglas Harkness School Phone 403-777-6720
Dr. Gordon Higgins School Phone 403-777-7060
Falconridge School Phone 403-777-6730
Grant MacEwan School Phone 403-777-6930
Guy Weadick School Phone 403-777-6740
Hugh A. Bennett School Phone 403-817-3560

Lester B. Pearson High School Phone 403-280-6565
Louise Dean School Phone 403-777-7630
Manmeet Singh Bhullar School Phone 403-817-3568
Marlborough School Phone 403-777-8190
Mayland Heights School Phone 403-777-6290
Monterey Park School Phone 403-777-7233
Nelson Mandela High School Phone 403-817-3500
O.S. Geiger School Phone 403-777-6950
Peter Lougheed School Phone 403-817-3508
Pineridge School Phone 403-777-6750
Rundle School Phone 403-777-6760
Saddle Ridge School Phone 403-777-6249
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Phone 403-777-7370
Taradale School Phone 403-777-6270
Ted Harrison School Phone 403-817-3330
Terry Fox School Phone 403-777-8800
​Area 5 Contact Information:
Dr. Norman Bethune School t | 403-777-8412
Schools: Acadia School Phone 403-777-8440
Auburn Bay School Phone 403-817-3540
Bridlewood School Phone 403-777-6259
Home Education Phone 403-777-7971
CBe-Learn Phone 403-243-4500
Centennial High School Phone 403-256-8140
Chaparral School Phone 403-777-6424
Copperfield School Phone 403-817-3512
Cranston School Phone 403-777-6267
Deer Run School Phone 403-777-6840
Douglasdale School Phone 403-777-6177
Dr. George Stanley School Phone 403-817-3556
Dr. Martha Cohen School Phone 403-817-3548
Fairview School Phone 403-777-7900
Fish Creek School Phone 403-777-6400
Haultain Memorial School Phone 403-777-6860
Lake Bonavista School Phone 403-777-6871
Le Roi Daniels School Phone 403-777-6420
Lord Beaverbrook High School Phone 403-259-5585
Maple Ridge School Phone 403-777-6280
McKenzie Highlands School Phone 403-817-3544
McKenzie Lake School Phone 403-777-6500
McKenzie Towne School Phone 403-777-6185
Midnapore School Phone 403-777-8680
MidSun School Phone 403-777-6430
Mountain Park School Phone 403-777-6442
New Brighton School Phone 403-817-3516
Prince Of Wales School Phone 403-777-6880
R.T. Alderman School Phone 403-777-7520
Samuel W. Shaw School Phone 403-777-6163
Somerset School Phone 403-777-7001
Willow Park School Phone 403-777-6900
Wilma Hansen School Phone 403-777-7430
​​Area 6 Contact Information:
Haysboro Centre t | 403-777-8780
Schools: A. E. Cross School Phone 403-777-7410
Altadore School Phone 403-777-6910
Alternative High School Phone 403-777-7730
Andrew Sibbald School Phone 403-777-6830
Banting and Best School Phone 403-777-8650
Braeside School Phone 403-777-8470
Canyon Meadows School Phone 403-777-8600
Cedarbrae School Phone 403-777-8610
Central Memorial High School Phone 403-243-8880
Chinook Park School Phone 403-777-8480
David Thompson School Phone 403-777-7470
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School Phone 403-281-3366
Emily Follensbee School Phone 403-777-6980
Ethel M. Johnson School Phone 403-777-8500
Eugene Coste School Phone 403-777-8511
Evergreen School Phone 403-777-6288
Glenbrook School Phone 403-777-8320
Harold Panabaker School Phone 403-777-7890
Haysboro School Phone 403-777-8530
Henry Wise Wood High School Phone 403-253-2261
Janet Johnstone School Phone 403-777-8670
John Ware School Phone 403-777-7930
Louis Riel School Phone 403-777-7650
Marshall Springs School Phone 403-817-3528
Nellie McClung School Phone 403-777-8620
Nickle School Phone 403-777-7720
Riverbend School Phone 403-777-6510
Robert Warren School Phone 403-777-7690
Ron Southern School Phone(403) 817-3576
Sam Livingston School Phone 403-777-6890
Sherwood School Phone 403-777-7590
Sundance School Phone 403-777-8690
William Roper Hull School Phone 403-251-8022
Woodbine School Phone 403-777-8630
Woodlands School Phone 403-777-8640

Woodman School Phone 403-777-7490
​​Area 7 Contact Information:
A.E. Cross School t | 403-777-8750
Schools: Alexander Ferguson School Phone 403-777-8270
All Boys Program Phone 403-777-8400
Battalion Park School Phone 403-777-7187
Bishop Pinkham School Phone 403-777-7840
Briar Hill School Phone 403-777-6140
Colonel Walker School Phone 403-777-6780
Connaught School Phone 403-777-8560
Dr. Oakley School Phone 403-777-8300
Dr. Roberta Bondar School Phone 403-817-3564
Earl Grey School Phone 403-777-8570
Elbow Park School Phone 403-817-3408
Elboya School Phone 403-777-7760
Ernest Manning High School Phone 403-249-3131
Glamorgan School Phone 403-777-8310
Glendale School Phone 403-777-8330
Griffith Woods School Phone
Hillhurst School Phone 403-777-6360

Jennie Elliott School Phone 403-777-8350
Killarney School Phone 403-777-8360
Mount Royal School Phone 403-777-7980
Olympic Heights School Phone 403-777-8370
Queen Elizabeth High School Phone 403-777-6380
Queen Elizabeth School Phone 403-777-6789
Ramsay School Phone 403-777-6790
Richmond School Phone 403-777-8380
Rideau Park School Phone 403-777-7480
Rosscarrock School Phone 403-777-8390
Simons Valley School Phone 403-777-6660
Sunalta School Phone 403-777-8590
University School Phone 403-777-6240
Vincent Massey School Phone 403-777-7870
West Ridge School Phone 403-817-3552
West Springs School Phone 403-777-6244
Western Canada High School Phone 403-228-5363
Westgate School Phone 403-777-8420
Wildwood School Phone 403-777-8430
William Reid School Phone 403-777-6940

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